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Welcome to my page on learning traditional Scottish and Irish (and English and Welsh) fiddle! The class runs every Sunday between 3.30 and 4.30 pm at Stage 2000 in Dundee. It's a friendly and welcoming place to learn, with a good community atmosphere - so if you live locally, come on down and try it out! Even more experienced players can learn something new, and at £5 a session it's an affordable way to learn and meet other people with a passion for the UK's native musical styles.

Below are links to my resources for the class, with pages for the tunes we'll be learning as part of the class. A new addition for this part of the site is a very brief discography of Irish and Scottish traditional music that learners can use to start developing their ability to hear the flow, groove and other nuances of the music. I'll be adding to this part of the site each week as we go along, so feel free to check back in here every so often to find out what's new.



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