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I have many years' experience as an academic editor, specialising in proofreading and editing academic texts for individuals for whom english may be an additional language. I have worked on all types of academic document, from PhD theses to individual essays and term papers. I offer a complete and professional service, with detailed suggestions for revision and improvement at the sentence, paragraph and whole-document level, as well as advice on referencing and developing your ideas and arguments.

For academic editing and proofreading I charge an hourly rate of £13.50, with additional fees for same-day work and hours worked outside my normal schedule. I ask for files to be sent electronically to my email address, preferably as word documents (.docx, .doc). A full list of my fees is available here, but for best value and results I always advise clients to send me their documents at least a week in advance of their deadlines. I would also advise clients to make themselves aware of the limits on what I can do for them due to academic integrity issues.

For all enquiries, use the form below or send me an email at:

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