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For your convenience, the following is a list of fees for the services I ofer through this website. If something that you're after isn't listed here, feel free to send an enquiry to


Tutoring towards national qualifications up to Higher:

£25 per hour

Advanced Higher, Oxbridge admissions and degree level:

£30 per hour

Discounts for block bookings are available, please enquire if you think this would help you!


Base rate:

£13.50 per hour

Hours worked for a same-day deadline:

£20.25 per hour (+50%)

Hours worked Sat/Sun or after 6pm on weekdays:

£20.25 per hour (+50%)

Hours worked after 6pm Sat/Sun:

£27.00 per hour (+100%)


Rates are set by negotiation, on sight of your mansucript and consultation with yourself. However, my standard rate would be £50 for a critique of 8 pages of poetry, consisting of 300-500 words and substantial marginal annotations on key points.


For work in person (e.g. tutoring), cash is preferred. For work conducted online or via email, I prefer for fees to be paid by direct bank transfer, and will normally send my invoice by email within 5 working days of completion. If you would prefer to pay by another method, please feel free to send me an enquiry via the form below - your convenince matters, and I'll do what I can to help.

Enquiries? Contact Me!

Thanks for your enquiry!

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