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Academic integrity is a crucial part of membership in any academic community. Giving others due credit for their work and ensuring that your readers can follow the evidence behind your arguments, thoughts and ideas is central to academic life, and to writing in particular.

As such, I take my own academic integrity, and that of my clients, very seriously, and I prohibit my clients from using my work in ways that compromise this integrity. I advise all my clients to appraise themselves of the academic integrity policies of their institutions. Normally this is quite clear-cut: the heart of acaemic integrity is that you should not take credit, by omission or commission, for work that you did not do. However, in rare cases I may ask for copies of these policies to ensure that I do not do anything that might compromise your academic integrity.

If, on further consideration, I believe that my work may be used in a way that compromises my academic integrity I will suspend or withdraw my work. If you are not sure what this might mean for your work, feel free to send me an enquiry via the form below.

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